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Frequently Asked Questions

Get an answer for our most asked questions, company policies and more! Feel free to message us at any time with questions, comments or concerns as well. 

What about the weather?

Events or parties held outside are weather permitting - our performers safety (as well as the safety of you and your guests!) is very important to us, therefore, any parties held outside when it is above 90 degrees will need to have a space for performers to be in the shade with access to water, as well as an air conditioned space for them to cool off for any event longer than 30 minutes. Any parties with temperatures above 105 degrees will need to be indoors for the safety of our performers. Inversely, any parties with temperatures below 45 degrees (including windchill) will need to be held indoors. If it is raining, snowing or other adverse weather, outdoor events will need to be rescheduled to a later date, or switched to be indoors/under ample covering (a garage, barn, tent if conditions are not muddy) 

We loved our character! I want to know more about their training, can I ask them?

We are so glad you had such a positive experience with our performers and the characters they portray! We ask that you refrain from asking any questions about anything outside of the world of their character - this includes asking if they are going to school for singing, if they perform elsewhere, and what their "real name" is! Our characters are trained to stay 100% in character for the entirety of the time that they are in the public eye or at an event. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to us directly, or ask the character attendant (if there is one!) that arrived with the character! Our characters work hard at maintaining the magic so help us keep the magic alive! 

We want to book for a party that is a few days away! 

We work hard to make magic happen in any time frame, but in order to accommodate last minute bookings (if we are able to pending the character), we do require an additional fee for any last minute booking that's requested with 48 hours or less of notice. 48 hours is a $5 addition, 24 hours is a $10 addition, and 12 hours or less is a $20 addition. This fee goes directly to our performers for accommodating their schedule! 

Can children be left unattended when in the presence of characters?

We want you to experience the magic and be able to capture all of the sweet moments there are to offer - therefore, we ask that no child is left completely unattended. Our character performers are trained to interact and be with children, but ultimately are unable to provide childcare/direct supervision when there's a whole party or event happening! Parents, guardians or another supervising adult will need to be in the same room with the children to allow for safety for everyone involved!

Oh no! It's the day of my event and my child/an immediate family member/I am sick! What do I do?

Shoot us a message as soon as possible and we can get a date rescheduled for you, free of charge! We don't want your guest of honor to be feeling sick/crummy when they meet their favorite character, so being in good health will help that! In addition, we don't want our performers to get sick, as they visit lots of families and don't want to spread anything to another family who may be immunocompromised or otherwise susceptible to illness. We kindly ask that any guest is 48 hours fever free without medication before a character attends a party or event.

We want a character that is not listed on the website! What do we do?

Send us a message! We work on keeping our website as up to date as possible, but sometimes we have some characters in the vault that we haven't released on our website yet. If not, we are adding new characters every day! Depending on the popularity of the character, there is a fee for booking/requesting a brand new character. Inquire further for more details. 

Should I tip?

We firmly believe that tipping is never expected, but always appreciated by our performers. Our performers are very talented, and receive fair compensation for their time and talents, so they don't expect a tip. Any tip they do receive will be 100% theirs, they won't have to split it with anyone - unless there are other costumed performers on the gig, to keep it fair for all the performers!

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